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Identity Theft Protection!

Users are assured complete true private (off-the-grid) communications. The P2PE network holds no personal information.


Path to Profitability

“New Rule No. 1: Get profitable sooner. Forget B2B or B2C: The new catchphrase among dot-coms is P2P, for path to profitability. Venture-capital investors once tolerated profits forecasts three or four years in the future. Now they’re looking for business plans that target profitability less than one year after an initial public offering.”

Your OWN Private Software
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    Track your progess with advanced analytics
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Your OWN Private Software

P2PE Business App

Targeted Ads Campaigns

Only Relevant to the users preference and non-intrusive ads will be seen on the search browser app.
P2PE ads can target – age – sex – village – town – district – city – country or full geographical ad.
Targeted to female age 30 – 50 in a town on a given day and time. INSTANT updates on ads.
Ads can jump from country to country on a specific time-line for maximum 24 hour exposure.
Full Geo page stats + Protection against Malvertising!

P2PE is a decentralized system capable of creating an Intranet network without relying on any central entity or online server.

P2PE network has no single point of failure and is incredibly resilient to take-down, as it allows any two or more peers to communicate directly.

P2PE flexibility is only limited to your imagination. New apps can be created from simple service apps to complicated GPS alert and locate life saver apps.

P2PE is a plug-n-play application.

  1. No changing of internet connection settings.
  2. Your new user ID will be your own unique combination.
  3. Mask the real ID with your name.

P2PE is not a social net, it is not a blog or program for posting malicious things or to advertise illicit information around the world. P2PE is for your own privacy and online protection while using email, chat, video, searching. P2PE is also 100% SPAM FREE.

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